When the heart speaks…..it never tells a lie….it only denies

398393_10150553525292845_189860332844_11131658_2122208769_nWorldspaceforusHow many times do we cheat on what our heart says?

This is a common thing happens with people who keeps denying what they really feel. To some it is one way to cover themselves  from the situation of embarrassment or guilt. People who experience this would end up with much regret, shame or even the worst more embarrassing.

For teenagers who are developing a crush to the opposite sex would sometimes deny of what they really feel. Some could be so open of admitting, but some would say “he/she is not my type” “who cares”, “duh”, “over my dead body.” This scenarios are kinda cute with them, but knowing deep inside they are dying for the attention they want back. Once they lose these opportunity they fall heart broken.

Like in any situations, why do we need to deny what we really feel. For some reasons, denying it would cover the situation from a heated discussion. Refraining from exchanging fist blow or  just want to keep things in secret and bother not  letting anyone know how they really feel. Some can be so shy revealing themselves.

Actually, one advantage of denial is giving you time to adjust to a distressing situation. In other words, a coping mechanism. Though it is not being realistic about what’s going on with your life, Yet it could be helpful for a short while. It may give you the precursor to sort out change in life.

It minimizes the consequence of the situation.

The dark side of it, is unable to resolve or will not effectively deal with  a situation that requires immediate action in cases of health and finances. This is refusal to acknowledge pain and distressing cases.

Denial can be unconscious and conscious process. Unconscious when you don’t generally decide to be on denial and conscious when you choose to deny the situation.

On the other hand,  this can be related with the saying “action speaks louder than words. We can deny anything we want but the reality prevails by the way we instinctively react to the situation. In the way we respond which in the end the truth becomes visible.

Personally, there is nothing wrong with denying as long as you can be able to cope with the stress it may occur and the pain it may cause. However, it is more comfortable being open and honest with what you feel to someone you can trust and depend on.    by: JerethImage by:jereth


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