Being Effective

5 Traits of Effective Speaker

1. Convery Passion
No matter how good the speaker is, but can’t convey passion, audience will
not get the feel of interest. Your audience would not feel the sincerity
of the speaker and how important your topic is.

2. Have Energy
Speaker should have a consistent and strong energy to capture the
the audience attention. There would be some important points you need
to stress out or emphasize by showing great and vibrant energy.

3. Use devices like humor and stories.
Speaker should use humor or stories to see if what the speaker is
is resonating to the audience is relevant. It may break the boredom of
your topic and would add picture as to certain situation.

4. Speaker should be empathetic.
A speaker does not exactly have to be like in authority when delivering
his speech. One who keeps himself standing in one post. He can go down to
the audience area for a more closer interaction. This will keep the
audience more participative and keep noted that the topic is getting more

5. Speaker should have confidence.
For me this is one of the most important trait a speaker should really
have. All the above mentioned will not be realized if the speaker does not
have that confidence in delivering his/her topic. Confident that he knows
what he wants to impart to the audience. Confident that whatever questions
that will be thrown back out of his/her topic shall be answered with full
knowledge. Confident to face a few or hundreds of people in the theatre
and will leave the venue bringing with them a bundle of learning.

by Jereth19


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