Exercise for Knee muscle

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I experienced severe knee pain which I suspected to be arthritis or rheumatoid. As days and a week moved on the pain was intolerable and felt severe pain and muscle stiffness at the back of the knee and gradually affecting around it. It was when I told myself this in not any rheumatoid issue but something is really going wrong with it. It all started when I had a leg massage. The therapist must have applied great pressure at the back of the knee. The pressure was so hard that I begged to stop it. I took Ibuprofen as my initial medication and does not need a physician’s prescription. Relief took a while and the pain keeps getting worst.
That was when I decided to go to the orthopedic doctor. After having a second opinion of seeing a another specialist for the first one was not able to help, I was very much satisfied for he did not only treated my knee condition but at the same time provided a very good explanation why and how this occurs. I am now on my recovering stage and doing well with my daily routines. Now I am sharing some ideas from what I had experienced, learned from my therapy and medications and at the same time made some research about Knee injuries.

Knee injuries are commonly acquired from strenuous sports activities especially that requires running and jumping. It can also be of aging or overweight.

Such injury, may be classified as osteoarthritis which is usually experienced by aging people or having overweight. Worst are those who worked hard in sports or other strenuous activities. Most knee injury that affects the tendons, patella, iliotibial band which is found at the side of the thigh which connects the hips to the knee.

Let us talk about BURSITIS OF THE KNEE.

The knee bursa is small fluid filled sac located between the front of the knee cap (the patella) and the overlaying skin.It functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between moving tissues of the body.

The major bursae are located adjacent to the tendons near the large jonts, like the sholders, elbows, hips and knees. When the bursa becomes inflamed the condition is known BURSITIS.

Most commonly, bursitis is caused by local soft tissue trauma or strain injury, and there is no infection (aseptic bursitis). It can become infected with bacteria. This is called septic bursitis.

The knee joint is surrounded by three major bursae. At the tip of the knee over the kneecap bone, is the prepatellar bursa. This bursa can be inflamed (prepatellar bursitis) from direct trauma to the front of the knee. This is commonly occurs when maintain a prolonged kneeling position and develops sudden large swelling and any breaks in the skin. It can

it is usually only mildly painful. It is frequently associated with increased pain when kneeling and can cause stiffness and pain with walking. Also, in contrast to problems within the knee joint, the range of motion of the knee is frequently preserved.

Suprapatella is located on the upper part of the prepatella.

Infrapatella is located at both sides of the prepatella

Pes anserine is located at the lower part of the prepatella.


Anti-inflammatory Medication and antibiotics if infection is suspected or confirmed

Ice Therapy and Aspiration that is to send the fluid for culture and crystals.

Surgery for debridement and excision of the bursa

Protective covering should be placed around the knee while avoiding activities that aggravate the condition.

To ensure wellness of the injury, medical consultation is still very important prior, during and after the medical treatment.

by jereth19


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