OVERNIGHT BIRTHDAY BASH!476959_567871339899959_1350364691_o476120_567871629899930_1143146759_o922611_567874096566350_1208300304_o476190_567872123233214_1313529552_o479180_567870066566753_1436555631_o904090_567871486566611_1291416572_oRica’s Birthday at 15 with Angel turning 19 at Dodoy’s Tropical Resort, Alangilan, Negros Occidental.

I was at work the night before the 20th of April. My daughter was already texting me asking  what time will I be home for the next day. I work on graveyard shift. Despite of this, I was more than excited about the overnight birthday escapade with my baby.

Closest childhood best friends and few cousins were invited. I left the office at 5AM the next day. As I reached home, I started grabbing the vegetables and other stuffs to start cooking. Physically, I know that I am tired with lack of sleep and feeling stressed but I ignored.

The transportation that would be taking us to the location, Dodoy’s Tropical Resort should be picking us up at 8AM. I had 6 menus done before the transportation came. We loaded all our things and made sure everything we needed was packed.

As we arrived the resort, the kids  could not resist just watching other people who arrived ahead of us taking a deep in the pool. They just threw their things in the cottage and changed to their swimming outfit and woooosh! A big splash! They dived with excitement.

I could see how happy my baby was. It was the first overnight birthday. She turned 15 yet for me she is still my baby. During the night after dinner, again some would swim back while others were watching movie with Japhet’s laptop.

I was so tired that I have to rest my back in the cottage. When I got up, it was already morning and the children were already awake fixing their hot chocolate drink of their own. I thought of fixing breakfast for them. I cooked fried rice and heat some of the foods left. When I had it ready, everyone grabbed their plate and enjoyed the food prepared.

Just after an hour, the water in the pool  was so irresistible. As early as 6 AM they dived into the pool and had so much fun. I was just watching them for quite awhile and would also take laps.

The time have come for us to leave the place as the transportation have arrived to pick us up again and take us back home. They all resounded of dismay that they would not like to leave the resort. We have no choice but to pack up our things.

When we arrived home, the children took their mats to watch tv but after some few minutes they have fallen asleep.

I still could imagine their smiles and laughter. I cared less even how tired I was. No matter how much I spent. What is important my loved ones were very happy and still looking forward for another overnight bonding in another place in the future.


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